Introducing Car Key Micro Camera! The perfect tool for capturing covert footage. With its small and discreet design, it can easily blend in with your keys or any other objects you carry around with you. Despite its small size, the car key micro camera can capture high-quality video and take pictures too. The videos are recorded in AVI format and the pictures are in JPG format. It has a microSD card slot, which can support up to 32GB, allowing you to capture hours of footage.

The device also has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can last for up to 90 minutes on a single charge. It can be charged via a USB port, allowing you to quickly and easily charge it anywhere. One of the standout features of the car key is its easy-to-use functionality. It also has a continuous recording function, which makes it perfect for recording meetings, interviews or any other long-lasting events. Whether you’re using it for personal security or fun video-making, this car key is a must-have tool. Its discreet design, high-quality video, and easy-to-use functionality make it an excellent source for anyone who needs to capture covert footage. In summary, the car key micro camera is a compact and discreet tool that can capture high-quality video and photos. With its simple operation, it is easy to use and perfect for covert surveillance, investigative work, or even creative video-making projects.

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