Introducing our GPS 6.M Tracker! A device that uses 4G GSM network and GPS satellites to locate and monitor any targets. This product is designed specifically for vehicle tracking, providing real-time tracking, auto-tracking, blind area tracking, GPS+GSM tracking, history-trace checking, remote voice monitoring, and geo-fencing features. The tracker has a long battery life, with up to 240 days of standby time, and can be easily installed with a magnetic attachment. Additionally, remote voice monitoring allows you to listen everything that happens around the device in real time.

This GPS Tracker provides a comprehensive solution for vehicle tracking, providing useful features such as real-time tracking, geo-fencing, and history-trace checking. With a long battery life and easy installation, it can be reliably used for extended periods of time without needing frequent maintenance. Its remote monitoring feature also makes it easier to track multiple vehicles from one place. Overall, the GPS 6.M Tracker is an effective tool for monitoring vehicle movements and knowing their whereabouts ensuring yourself peace of mind.

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