Introducing our GPS Tracker-Bug MoTK05! Your go-to solution for real-time, accurate location tracking of your vehicles, pet, or personal items. With advanced technology, this tracker is designed to make your life easier by ensuring you know where your assets are at all times. Featuring a long-lasting battery life of up to 90 days, the device allows you to track the location of your assets 24/7. Whether you’re monitoring fleet vehicles, or tracking valuable equipment. This device has the capability to provide you with live-tracking updates every 5-10 seconds. Additionally, this GPS tracker comes equipped with a multitude of features such as geo-fencing, speed alerts, and low-battery notifications. This ensures you are always in control and alerted to any potential problems or issues with your assets.

The GPS Tracker-Bug MoTK05 is also designed for your convenience in mind. You can track your assets using an intuitive mobile app or through SMS messaging. The app allows you to view a detailed history of the tracker’s movements, battery life, and other important details. Plus, with remote voice monitoring, you can listen to the tracker’s surroundings in real-time. In short, the GPS Tracker-Bug MoTK05 is the ultimate solution for accurate location tracking of your assets. With its long-lasting battery life, real-time tracking, and numerous features, you can rest assured that your vehicles, pets, and personal items are always within reach.

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