Car Lighter GPS–USB Charger

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Car Lighter GPS-USB Charger
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


  1. SIM Card Included & Activated
  2. Simply Insert And Start Tracking
  3. No Hidden Fees


Car Lighter GPS–USB Charger

A handy device ideal for tracking the location of a vehicle. With its real-time Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and the support provided by its GSM GPRS network, Car Lighter GPS–USB Charger provides accurate location information any time of the day. Its LBS Tracker feature ensures that Car Lighter GPS–USB Charger can track a vehicle’s location even if GPS signals are weak. Undoubtedly, one of the key advantages of Car Lighter GPS–USB Charger is its remote listening feature. Specifically, it allows the user to remotely listen to conversations or sounds taking place in the car. This makes it useful in certain situations such as monitoring a driver’s behavior or checking on passengers’ safety.

The device comes with a USB charging port that charges compatible devices such as smartphones or tablets. This makes it a versatile device for those on the go. Its compact size and plug-and-play feature make it easy to install and use, and its discreet design means it can be concealed to avoid detection or tampering. Finally, with its innovative features, such as remote listening and high-quality audio, Car Lighter GPS–USB Charger is a great addition to any car owner’s arsenal of devices.


  • Quick charging USB port
  • Car GPS Locator
  • Listening Device
  • Built-in GSM/GPRS antenna
  • Real-time tracking location data

Battery: Built-in battery 400mAh battery
Working Time: It will charge as long as it is connected.
Standby Time: Up to 10 days

  • Acts as a fully functional car USB charger.
  • You can track and map (with Google Maps) in real-time over the Internet and via your smartphone or tablet device.


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